Consultation to help you through sexual addiction

Our Mission:

Your Freedom.

Giving you the guide to live free of porn & sexual addiction.

You finally have a place where your struggles are understood. We see you with hope and beauty. You are a person of worth, dignity, and delight.

You can be free from depression, shame and sexual addiction.

Learn to value yourself, change your behavior, and live again.

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In the Recovery Guide

  • 21 clear and detailed steps
  • Practical tools to use now - proven by research 
  • Tool templates and worksheets - tailored for your addiction recovery
  • Integrated video links and activities - a holistic and thorough approach


You will learn

  • How to stop sexual addiction behaviors
  • How to experience freedom and joy
  • Why you became addicted and what this means
  • How to grow satisfying relationships--and rebuild them
  • What emotions do and how you can regulate yours
  •  The tools to enjoy a meaningful life
  • How to escape temptation/lapses/relapses
  • And more + 

The Reality

A richer life is possible. It is not far in fact--it starts with perspective and an air of growth and change. Life is much deeper, richer, and worthwhile than you may have imagined.

Learn how to tap into life, to enjoy the way you were made, to delight again, to feel free and to know that you have an impact. Can you afford not to?


From Our Founder

"I started to consult with those struggling to handle the sexual aspects of their lives because there were so few resources that understand the human heart. Many self-help books and other sources don't answer the practical questions or give people step-by-step support to make real changes. Those that do, forget that the whole person needs healing. It was always one-or-the-other.

I have focused this work to provide simple and cost effective tools for people to initiate real change with professional support! 

As a therapist I meet with individuals, couples and groups working towards sexual addiction recovery. Whilst becoming a Certified Clinical Sexual Addiction Specialist (CCSAS) through (IACSAS) my work has exposed me to the common and the difficult questions people bring. My commitment is to continue researching and writing about these issues. 

I think you will find more than just solutions here, and I trust they will be effective and life changing."


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