The Guide... 21 Movements


This resource is clear, directive and practical from the first page! 





Consultation where we hear your concerns, and respond with practical advice so you know what to do next!

The details... 


You will receive our Guide, it's rich recovery materials...  

... The resources will guide you, teach you and help you to make life giving changes.


Practical Work

There will always be practical elements in the resources with exercises, verbal and written work to engage in. Growth and change comes as you work in each of these areas of your life:

  • Behavior
  • Brain
  • Emotions
  • Relationships
  • Spiritual 


User Friendly format

  • Links to a number of instructional videos
  • Worksheets for personal application
  • 21 Step-by-step  points on the journey
  • An emotions chart 
  • + more


21 Movements guide includes

  • Have a plan for disclosing sexual behavior to a partner
  • A plan for overcoming unwanted sexual behaviors
  • Understanding emotions and empathy and their impact
  • How to become accountable and why this is helpful
  • Teaching about brain science and sexual addiction
  • Tools to recognize your patterns and prevent relapse
  • Identifying the effects your behavior has had on you
  • Learn how to interact with other people differently
  • Ways to deal with consequences and rebuild
  • Exercises to help you build self-awareness and identity
  • Practical resources for couples 
  • + more


Thinking beyond your box

The resources will introduce you to concepts and ideas you may never have thought of as linked or necessary. Engaging with all of the materials will give you the best chance to make lasting change within your life. And importantly, you will have a plan! 


Materials: $15



Consultations for you...

... You can ask specific questions, raise concerns, dialogue about unique needs and find your best course of action. They are available to those who help others in recovery as well. 


Common Questions

  • How do I talk to my partner about this?
  • What steps should I use to stop using porn?
  • I'm confused about (fill in the blank)
  • Is this normal in recovery?
  • I can't quite seem to make (blank) stick in my recovery, can you help me out?


Consultations are usually directive and behaviorally focused. You will be asked clarifying questions, challenged to consider your motivations and understand your emotions.  This is a rich and compact time to dig deeper with trained help. 


30 minute consults available VIA 

  • Face-to-face
  • Skype
  • Phone


Fits with your life

This is perfect to integrate into a busy schedule. It can fit around lunch breaks, odd hours or putting kids to bed! You will of course, be responsible for the hard work of implementing changes and reap the benefits of them.  


As often as you need it

Consultation sessions can be scheduled as often as necessary, and we suggest with decreasing frequency as you make progress.

They are paid for when you book and cost $45




Consultations: $60